Adjusting To Life With Your Medical Human Hair Wig

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Losing your hair due to a medical condition or treatment can be an embarrassing situation. However, there are medical human hair wigs that can allow these patients to avoid many of the self-esteem issues that can accompany hair loss. How Will Storing The Wig On A Dummy Head Benefit It? Whenever you are not wearing your human hair wig, it should be kept on a mannequin head. These heads will ensure that the wig retains the correct shape so that it will fit you the next time that you need to wear it.

23 September 2019

Have You Decided That It's Time To Take Better Care Of Your Skin?

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Remember those carefree days when you didn't even consider what your skin needed? Now perhaps you have looked in the mirror and have realized that you have the beginnings of tiny lines in your face. Or, maybe your skin has been feeling extra dry. Whatever the reason, maybe you have realized that you need to start taking better care of your skin. Do you already have a skin care plan in mind?

11 June 2019