Hair Care - Facts and Techniques You Need to Learn

I started my career as a beautician at seven when I opened my own bedroom salon. I painted nails, braided hair, and I even applied makeup like a pro. You can say that I have always had an interest in beauty, and I naturally attended beauty school immediately after I graduated high school. When the time came to find a job, I started my own salon with a small loan from my mother. I wanted my salon to be special, so I worked with clients to teach them what I knew about hair care techniques. Throughout the years, I have learned that most people know very little about their hair. They believe that the hair needs to be washed every day and they also think that conditioner is enough to treat dry locks. I started this blog so I could educate the public on a larger scale about hair care.

Have You Decided That It's Time To Take Better Care Of Your Skin?

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Remember those carefree days when you didn't even consider what your skin needed? Now perhaps you have looked in the mirror and have realized that you have the beginnings of tiny lines in your face. Or, maybe your skin has been feeling extra dry. Whatever the reason, maybe you have realized that you need to start taking better care of your skin.

Do you already have a skin care plan in mind? If so, you don't need to read another single word. On the other hand, you might not have a good skin care regimen planned. If that's the case, from buying gentle cleansers to selecting paraben and fragrance free organic moisturizing creams, here are some ideas that might help you.

Start With Paraben And Fragrance Free Organic Cleansers And Moisturizers - Since you are wanting to give your skin excellent care, why would you select products that have harmful chemicals in them? Instead, go for purchasing pure cleansers and moisturizers that have only ingredients that will make your skin healthy. Think of the ingredients you don't want and think of those you do want. 

For example, fragrances in your skin care products might smell truly delicious. However, they won't add to the health of your skin. So, look for labels that say something like, No Added Parabens - Fragrance Free.  Next, look for ingredients that will be good for your skin. For instance, things like coconut oil, shea, almond, and even honey might be listed as healthy ingredients that will benefit your skin. 

You can more than likely find healthy skin products right in your grocery store or pharmacy. It's true that paraben and fragrance free cleansing and moisturizing products might cost a little bit more than regular ones. However, when you see their results in your mirror, you'll more than likely determine that the money you spent was worth every penny. 

Continue With A Consistent And Concrete Plan - Think of making a cute little sign that you will adhere to your bathroom mirror. The sign might read something like, REMEMBER! Cleanse. Moisturize. Smile!  Cleanse your face every evening to get any makeup off. You might need a different product to get eye makeup off. Follow the cleansing procedure with a healthy toner. And, finally, moisturize your face and neck area. Repeat that same process in the morning. 

Additionally, don't forget the rest of your body. Think of having body lotion with only healthy ingredients handy for when you towel dry after you bathe. Have a body moisturizer next to your bed so you can use it on your feet when you're getting in bed every night.


11 June 2019