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I started my career as a beautician at seven when I opened my own bedroom salon. I painted nails, braided hair, and I even applied makeup like a pro. You can say that I have always had an interest in beauty, and I naturally attended beauty school immediately after I graduated high school. When the time came to find a job, I started my own salon with a small loan from my mother. I wanted my salon to be special, so I worked with clients to teach them what I knew about hair care techniques. Throughout the years, I have learned that most people know very little about their hair. They believe that the hair needs to be washed every day and they also think that conditioner is enough to treat dry locks. I started this blog so I could educate the public on a larger scale about hair care.

How To Replicate A Fuller Head Of Hair Without Implants

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Your hair is a very important part of how you look to the world, and it is never easy to discover that you have some problems with thinning or balding. This can happen to both men and women and it can be very debilitating depending on how important your hair was to your overall self-image. However, there are still options out there to help you look like you have a fuller head of hair without undergoing long and potentially risky hair implants. One of these options is known as scalp micropigmentation, and it has been used by thousands of American's to treat their hair problems.

How Does It Work?

Often the issue with your hair isn't so much that you are losing all of it at once, but rather that certain parts of your hair seem as though they are thinning. This is exacerbated by the fact that you can see the scalp underneath the hairs that are still there. It only takes a small portion of your overall hair to fall out to begin to see your scalp. Scalp micropigmentation uses special technology to create realistic patterns of color on your scalp to make it look as though you have more and fuller hair through the use of matched dyes to your hair tone.

Is It A Tattoo?

Scalp micropigmentation is not quite the same as a tattoo, but the general idea is similar. Many people who undergo scalp micropigmentation wish it was a tattoo because that would mean their problems were solved for longer. However, while scalp micropigmentation lasts for quite a while, most practitioners would advise anywhere from five to ten years depending on how often you are outside in the sun, where it would fade quickly. It can still sting a little, like a tattoo, although the scalp is a lot thicker than other parts of your skin, and they provide numbing agents so you don't feel it as much.

Does It Really Work?

It is really only by seeing the absence of hair do you notice that someone's hair is thinning or balding. Otherwise, your eyes simply register it as a full head of hair, and even if you have a closer inspection, odds are no one will ever even realize that scalp micropigmentation has been done at all. The best way to know for sure is to visit with a professional who offers this treatment and hear what they can do for you, and the success stories they have to share. You may just be surprised.

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2 August 2021