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I started my career as a beautician at seven when I opened my own bedroom salon. I painted nails, braided hair, and I even applied makeup like a pro. You can say that I have always had an interest in beauty, and I naturally attended beauty school immediately after I graduated high school. When the time came to find a job, I started my own salon with a small loan from my mother. I wanted my salon to be special, so I worked with clients to teach them what I knew about hair care techniques. Throughout the years, I have learned that most people know very little about their hair. They believe that the hair needs to be washed every day and they also think that conditioner is enough to treat dry locks. I started this blog so I could educate the public on a larger scale about hair care.

A Guide to Choosing Appropriate Hair Cutting Shears for New Beauty School Graduates


If you have a friend or family member who has recently graduated from beauty school or will be doing so in the near future, creating an appropriate selection of tools that they will need for their new career is likely to be of the utmost importance. However, quality tools tend to be expensive and it is often challenging to afford as a new graduate. Since one of the most common and important items that every hairstylist will need will be their hair cutting shears, it is a good idea to consider the following information so that you can be sure that the person receiving the gift will fully benefit from your purchase.

Don't Choose Scissors Based on Your Ideas

Unfortunately, many new graduates from beauty school will be gifted with an expensive set of scissors from well-meaning family members that they are never able to fully benefit from. That is because the scissors that a hairdresser uses for work are actually a very personal item.

Just as you are unlikely to purchase clothing for someone without knowing their size and style preferences, you should similarly avoid buying scissors just because they seem right to you. The weight, style, and type of scissors that a beauty expert uses will vary immensely and there are many options to choose from, so this is not a one-size-fits-all type of gift.

You Can Still Buy the Preferred Shears as a Surprise

Fortunately, it may not be necessary to ruin the surprise for the person you are shopping for. Beauty schools often make a variety of different tools, including shears, available to their students. It is there that students are likely to try out the different types of scissors for the first time and develop preferences for those shears.

Therefore, it only makes sense that you may be able to contact the school to determine the type that your friend or relative used more frequently in class, as they may be able to check the student's work area for that information. If that does not work out or if the school cannot help you, you may want to suggest the possibility of registering online for gifts. By doing so, he or she will still be surprised by the gift, since they will not be sure of which person purchased specific gifts and you can be confident of your shopping choices, without diminishing the joy of opening gifts.

In conclusion, choosing the right hair cutting shears for your friend or family member who will be starting a new career in cosmetology can be quite challenging. In order to be sure that the person you are shopping for will get the maximum benefit from the new shears and that they will be satisfied with that item in the future, the information listed above will be quite useful.


26 January 2017