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When To Seek A Dermatologist For Your Troubled Skin

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When you get acne, it can be a real pain. Most of the time you can treat your problems without medical intervention, using over-the-counter face and body scrubs, washes, lotions, and soaps. There are some occasions, however, when your skin won't clear up or appears to have some alarming issues that you need to bring up to your dermatologist. Here are some signs you need to seek the care of a dermatologist for your skin woes.

You have a spreading rash

A rash that won't go away is not only painful, but it can be cause for alarm, especially if it is an oozing or hot rash or has a lot of itchiness associated with it. Your problem could be as simple as an allergic reaction to a perfume, detergent, or new makeup product, or it could be as complex as an impetigo outbreak or perioral dermatitis, a non-contagious hormone-related irritation. A spreading rash on any part of your body should be seen by a dermatologist as soon as you can, and if the rash is causing you to lose sleep or is associated with swelling of the tongue or throat, seek emergency care at your local hospital immediately.

You have a boil

A boil is an extremely painful skin condition that occurs in the armpit, on the chin, in the groin, or even along the crack in your buttocks. A boil is an abscess in your skin that is full of infectious liquid and pus, and if left untreated, it can become infected in the surrounding tissue or glands. You can get a boil, which feels like a hard, painful marble under the skin, via an ingrown hair, picking at your skin, or touching an infected area and then touching exposed, freshly shaved skin. The abscess needs to be drained and/or treated with antibiotics right away by your dermatologist. Do not squeeze or pick at any sore you consider to be a boil.

Acne is not improving

If you are not getting results from common acne treatment medicine at home, then a dermatologist should be your next step in your fight against your skin issues. Acne that does not improve or actually gets worse in the form of clusters, scarring, and dry skin can have hormonal issues behind it and may need a prescription or professional treatment regimen that you won't find at your local store.

See a dermatologist as well if you notice any strange freckles or skin discoloration on your face or body, you have skin tags that are bothering you, or you need a regular mole checkup. When you seek professional care you know you are doing what is best for your skin overall.

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8 December 2016