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Accentuating Your Body: 3 Tips For Purchasing A Little Black Dress To Hide Broad Shoulders

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The little black dress is not only iconic, but also the epitome of timeless fashion, as it has been an absolute classic ever since it was introduced by Coco Chanel in 1926. It is definitely an essential piece in every women's wardrobe, as it can be worn for both casual and formal situations. The little black dress is a symbol of class, elegance and sophistication and generally accentuates the female body – specifically the upper half. For women with broad shoulders, this may seem like a problem. If this situation pertains to you, here are 3 shopping tips you should consider when finding the perfect go-to little black dress.

Avoid Dresses with Intricately Detailed Shoulders

Although the little black dress is supposed to be as simple as possible, many fashion designers have renovated the design by adding their own splash of character and vision into the design. Specifically, many fashion designers have incorporated intricate patterns, from beads to laces, into the design. If you have broad shoulders, you'll want to avoid little black dresses that feature intricate details at the shoulder region, as it will only draw attention to your shoulders. Be sure to avoid dresses that are more structured at the shoulders or have shoulder pads in them.

It's generally best to look for little black dresses that possess more volume at the lower half. In short, think frills at the bottom or even delicate laces. These details will still give the little black dress a different aura of elegance and sophistication.

Choose Dresses with Designs that Emphasize the Waist and Flare Out

Concealing broad shoulders can be difficult; however, your broad shoulders can work to your favor and give you a more sophisticated appeal if you know how to accentuate other body parts to balance your shoulders out. In particular, choose little black dresses with designs that place a stronger emphasis on the waist. The waist should be cinched in. If not, look for dresses that come with an elegant belt at the waist region. In general, thinner belts are preferred, as they will maintain the elegant appeal that is desired with little black dresses.

In addition, look for dresses that flare out at the bottom, like skate skirts. These dresses will help balance out the proportions of your lower body and your upper body.

Go For the Seductive Appeal of V-Necks and Scoop Necks

Don't be afraid of trying on little black dresses that feature v necklines or scoop necklines. Scoop necklines are generally wider than the classic crew necklines and will extend a bit further down. It's less seductive than v necklines, which extend much lower. Dresses that feature a scoop neckline tend to break up the shoulder line, making it appear much narrower.

For those who don't mind a little black dress that carries a bit more seduction in its design, the v neckline is ideal. V necklines are considered to be universally flattering, as it also breaks down the shoulder line, draws attention away from the jaw line and frames the face. Little black dresses with a v neckline are also perfect for those who are comfortable with showing a bit of cleavage or décolletage.


The little black dress is a classic and is definitely a piece that every women should have in their closet. The little black dress will easily provide an aura of sophistication and elegance without overdoing it and can easily give you a boost of confidence. Still, there are many different types of designs and styles that you can choose from based on your body shape and other factors. Keep this in mind as you check out retailers like Mommy In Heels LLC. It's important to shop around in order to find a design or cut that is flattering to your body shape.


28 October 2015